Stigma: A Survey

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A Poem: Dissipating Joy

Ever have those moments when you feel so good and then suddenly something happens that almost erases the good feelings you had? It is normal. It is painful. It is human. This poem was sent from a 28-year-old from New York. Show some support with comments and sharing :)

The joy over a major accomplishment 
I thought would never go away

Shattered in an instant 
by his anger gone astray

My heart swollen from happiness
quickly turns to ache

My mind looses its path
all it can think of is his quake

Instead of Joy
pain lingers too long

A feeling deep inside
That even my accomplishments cant erase

Every time I see him
Every time I hear his footsteps

The scab I’m trying to heal
is ripped off once again

My tears want to escape
no way would I allow them

I hold the pain deep inside
ignoring that they are there

I thought that my joy 
would help me move on

A Dream or A Miracle?

Thank you to all who submit! If you can relate or share support with the greater, it would be greatly appreciated! We are here to support you, too!

Someday somewhere somehow
Twisted between tall trees and shrubs
A caterpillar spins spins spins
    I’m tired
Someday somewhere somehow
A wonderland of vibrancy
Colors illuminating the night sky
Spin a little longer
    I’m confused
But someday somewhere somehow
Wait awhile
Sleep a bit
Open your dainty little wings
Look up at the pink sky
The sun is rising
And you no longer
Need to crawl on the stoney ground
Fly a little higher
    A miracle?

Raw Emotion

Honestly, when I got this poem, I did not know what to title it. You see how much this woman is suffering. We all need support and it is so hard to ask. Do you ever feel this way? Please give support to this brave woman by commenting below!

All the little cracks
Between broken relationships
Twisted hearts
And hurled words
All the little holes
Formed over years of lying
Blank faces
And bloody wounds
I needed to fill the void
The emptiness
So I let poison seep through
My veins
It was only natural
The pain was deep
I swallowed the pain
To fill the gaps
I’m dying
I’m letting go
Goodbye, I’ve let the poison
Take control

Love For Your Smile, Sadness for Your Pain

This poem was written by a friend who was (and still is) pained by the struggles that her sister is going through. Sometimes, it is so hard to tell another how much you love and care about them, especially when both are in pain. Please give support by commenting below and we are open to hear anything you want to share!

Love for ur smile
And sadness for ur pain
Wishing u cud get up
And erase all ur stains
I remember the look
When u were happy
Now I hear ur voice break
As ur trying 2 flee
I know what it feels like
To want to run away
I watch u run in circles
U have nowhere to stay
I know how it hurts
To be misunderstood
And when it feels like
U will never find the good
U feel cast away
U feel no one cares
U felt all alone
For so many years
U cry to yourself
There’s no one to listen
You go thru each day
Feeling there’s no way to win
I want to hold u
I want to squeeze u tight
And whisper in ur ear
That it will be alright
Sad beautiful child
Eyes staring to the sky
Asking 4 answers
Begging Gd to tell u why
U hurt so I feel pain
U can’t feel the good
Why doesn’t anyone love you
Like ur parents should?
I want to hug u
And cry when ur sad
And tell u ur the best thing
That I ever had
I want to give u strength
And courage to get thru
And happiness and love
And peace to become you

Anger and Depression: The Real Deal

A really good friend of mine is going through a tremendous amount. It took a whole lot of courage for her to show me this and allow me to post this poem of hers. She wants others to know that they are not alone and that anger and depression are oh so real. It is painful and so hard to tell others how much we are in pain but unfortunately pain is a part of life and will not go away. Just barely out of her teens, she has a whole life ahead and hopefully the world will come to accept and love all so that we can all thrive be who we truly are.

My mind twists
Into so many directions
Thinking so many morbid thoughts
Of anger and depression
My mind veers
To a place I don’t want to go
To a field of dried up weeds
My soul is left alone

And I should smile
And I should be polite
And I should pretend
So I don’t make everyone sad
But I can’t.
Do this.

My mind has wandered
Far from population
Thru murky sees it travelled
To a land inhabited by demons
My mind is captured
In thick deadly vines
Curling around my neck
Pressing the air out of my lungs

And I can’t smile
And I can’t be polite
I can’t pretend anymore
I don’t wanna make u sad
But I can’t.
Do this.
For another moment.